Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Essential Oils?

I'm in the market for some essential oils--lavendar, peppermint, and tea tree. Does anyone know a good place online to buy essential oils for reasonable prices?


Christina said...

My niece/friend makes her own candles, soap, lotions, etc. If ya visit my blog, click on Simple Fancies... she'd love to answer your question, I AM SURE.
Have a GREAT day!!!

Charity Grace said...

Thank you! I will contact her.

Tami said...

Hi there! Chrissy sent me your direction. Let me try and be of a little help. With Essential oils you kind of get what you pay for. I also find it so terribly expensive and therefore by in bulk (like 1 and 2#) What are you using this for? Do you need a little, a lot? You might get lost in the world of lavender. There are SOOO many kinds. I prefer Bulgarian...it's not as overpowering to me as some can be. When you purchase essential oils you want to make sure they are in dark glass bottles. This will help them last longer. If you receive them in plastic quickly transfer them. We've had some computer issues so I've lost links but I'll try to find them later. I do happen to have all 3 of those oils on hand however if you are interested.
If you have any more questions I'd be glad to try and help. I am by NO means an expert but could help you find what you are looking for.

tlb81003 @ normalonline.com

Charity Grace said...

Oh, you are so helpful, Tami! Thank you!