Friday, September 14, 2007

Come Little Leaves

Growing up in our little homeschool, we sometimes sang songs from a children's songbook called Sing Through the Seasons. Come Little Leaves was one of the fall songs we sang. Now that "fall" is approaching (here we apparently just have "fall," not fall) it seemed like a good time to share it.

Come, little leaves,
Said the wind one day;
Come to the meadows
With me and play.
Put on your dresses
Of red and gold;
For summer is past,
And the days grow cold.

Soon as the leaves
Heard the wind's loud call,
Down they came fluttering,
One and all.
Over the meadows
They danced and flew,
All singing the glad
Little songs they knew.

Dancing and flying,
The leaves went along,
Til Winter called them
To end their sweet song.
Soon, fast asleep
In their earthy beds,
The snow lay a coverlet
O'er their heads.


Anonymous said...

How cute! I love it...
Wish I could hear your shildren sing it! I'll just have to imagine...

Mobunny said...

That is a sweet little song. I'd love to hear it, too!
When all the kids were little we would sing out of old children's song books........we still sing about Little Ducky Duddle!
I just bought another old song book....I need to sit down at the piano and plunk out some of the tunes and see if any are as good as the Ducky song!