Monday, September 24, 2007

Nature Journal

One thing I've wanted to be diligent about this year in our homeschool is having the kids keep a Charlotte Mason-style nature journal for nature study. I've planned to do this before, but it never worked well...Mainly because our notebooks were awkward to use. Sounds silly, I know, but the simplest things can make all the difference.

This year I bought NoteSketch books from Rainbow Resource, and they are working beautifully. My only mistake was that I didn't get one for Sarah. I didn't see any point in spending another $5 for a journal for a 2-year-old, but I should have. She wants to do everything the big kids do, with the same supplies. She kept confiscating their journals and trying to draw in them. I bought her a cheap notebook which will hopefully keep her happy for now.

Our yard is tiny but lush, with plenty of things to draw for awhile.

Clarice of Storybook Woods inspired me with her comment that she tries to lead by example in their homeschool. It's a simple but novel idea, at least to me! She mentioned that one way she does this is to keep a nature journal herself. So I got a sketchbook too. Although my attempts are awkward, I have to say that I haven't enjoyed anything this much in a very long time.


Erica said...

Oh what fun! We kept nature journals when I was younger! And now, well, I could kick myself cause I used to know the name of your blue flower... and for the life of me, I can't remember it!!

I don't think I've gotten to congratulate you yet on the new little one! CONGRATULATIONS! I know you all must be terribly excited! Are the kids all hoping for a boy? :-)

Donetta said...

Oh you make me want to go take a walk with a journal. Great sketch by the way.
Hope you have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

Great journal, pretty drawings...
How ya feeling???

Storybook Woods said...

I am soo thrilled you got a book. because you will be soo busy with yours, you will not have time to pick apart your children’s :-0 Well at lest that is why I do it. xoxoxoxo Clarice
PS you should see how bad my pictures look. It is process, not product !!!

Charity Grace said...

Thanks, everybody!