Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall Mantel

Here's my fall mantel.
It's the only thing in my house that's decorated for fall, but it makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

What a great collection!!!

nannykim said...

It must look really neat when you light all of the candles. I know it is too early to light a fire!! But when you have a fire in the fireplace does it cause heat waves that affect the candles on the mantle? I have trouble with my candles burning evenly because of the heat waves from the fireplace! Oh I have my favorite sweet potato recipe on my recipe blog ;-)

Charity Grace said...

Thank you, Christina. Most of the crosses have been gifts. A couple we bought ourselves for special occasions (our 5th anniversary, Billy's doctoral graduation).

Nannykim, it's actually not a real fire place. *pout* It just has an ugly fake log and I guess it's gas...??? We have only been here a few months so we haven't even looked into lighting it. I never thought about a fire in the fire place melting the candles.