Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Worms at Work

I've always wanted to vermicompost. Talk about effortless. While I can't seem to get it together enough to start a worm bed, in California they apparently can...In offices. Sounds good to me. I wonder if Billy and his assistant would mind some worms hanging around the church so I can have compost...Ummm, I think I know the answer to that question!


dh said...

Another wonderful idea from the land of the fruits, nuts, and the flakes.

No offence intended to any fruits, nuts, or flakes.

Charity Grace said...

LOL Just couldn't resist could you? LOL

Does this mean you and Donna won't be vermicomposting for me? Dang...;)

TulipGirl said...

Too cool!

I vermicompost my coffee grounds. We attempted to do a wider array of produce leftovers, but with the Florida heat and bugs. . . well. . . we're sticking with coffee grounds for now.

I have a bunch of pics I've been meaning to upload to my blog. I'll try to do it this week.

I highly recommend getting worms!

Charity Grace said...

I hear you about the heat and bugs. I'm afraid it would take me a whole yard full of worms to efficiently process the amt of kitchen scraps this family generates. I'll probably have to settle for a traditional compost bin. A drum composter would be great!