Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Cup of Cold Water

Billy's friend Eric Geiger tells a super cool story about a life that was changed because someone gave a woman a drink of cold water. I love stories like this.

It reminds me a little of the small country church, Tabernacle Baptist, in the town where my parents live. When I was a teenager, we had been out of a healthy church for a very long time, and we hadn't gone anywhere at all in about a year. The sweet people of the church kept inviting us and giving us their little cards with church information and service times. At first we were both scared and uninterested. But we couldn't open a drawer or cabinet without finding one of those little white cards. Finally we succumbed and started attending the church, which brought about amazing spiritual change in our lives. Ultimately, the pastor and his wife introduced Billy and me, so I owe Tabernacle a debt of gratitude that extends past my time there as a member. I'm forever grateful to people who persisted in reaching out to us when we weren't sure we wanted to be reached out to.


Anonymous said...

the greatest love story of all about what Jesus did for us. <><


Charity Grace said...

Yes indeed!