Monday, February 18, 2008

Elizabeth's Birthday Tea

Elizabeth's birthday was a couple months ago, but as with all Christmas babies it's hard to have a party near their actual birthday. This weekend was the first one available. She wanted a birthday tea.

We have never had a birthday party before (we've always just done family), and I have never even been to a tea party before. So I guess in a sense I had no expectations. I just wanted to bless my girl.

I had my doubts for awhile. It began as one of those days. You know, the 2 year old decides to be devilish, some of us aren't feeling well, everyone is grumpy, guests and workmen were in and out of the house all morning (more in than out), every time I'd start to do something someone would need something, and almost no one had RSVP'd so I didn't even know if anyone would come...

But around 12, people started calling to say they'd come, I got the babies to bed for a short rest, had the house to myself for an hour, and was able to dress, tidy, and set the tables in short order. Finally got in a productive groove. I was even finished before the first guest arrived at 1:00, which gave me a moment to breathe and collect myself. Whew! I was glad I had done most of the work in advance so I wasn't trying to fill goody bags or hunt down tea cups at the last minute.

The party itself was a smashing success. All 8 little girls we invited came! We are so blessed to have wholesome children for our kids to be friends with.

We let the girls make cards for a craft. I forgot how it is when you turn girls loose with glue and glitter. Billy described it as a feeding frenzy. They had so much fun!

They played with balloons in the yard and had cake and ice cream and tea...Uh, hot chocolate.

Nobody wanted to leave. And the other parents were even so wonderful to help clean up. The girls had a great time, and we grownups had sweet fellowship too. It was a good day after all. I felt thankful. I wanted Elizabeth to feel loved and blessed. Mission accomplished!


Jen said...

Sounds like a fantastic day for everyone, including Elizabeth's wonderful mama!
Since we have all girls (so far, anyway!), we started a tradition of having an annual tea party each Spring at my mom's house. We invite all the women and girls in our family and it is such a wonderful afternoon. My girls really look forward to dressing in their best and even the adults look forward to it too. Somehow, it ebbs into a family BBQ later in the evening, since the menfolk have nothing better to do than cook up some tasty treats for their significant others. We look forward to that day all winter because it signals Spring is finalyl here!

Charity Grace said...

Aw, that sounds like such fun!!!

JAN said...

Ahg! Both of you with your "pink" and teas and femininity.:-)
I'm so glad your birthday/tea party was a sucess! I'm sure it will be a memory Elizabeth will never forget.

Hannah's Mom said...

Oh what memories this brings back... A tea party, how much fun! Beautifully done!! Happy Belated Birthday Elizabeth! I will have to make time to post a few pictures of Hannah's 3rd Birthday Tea, she will have fun looking through those photos. :)

thank you for sharing Steph!

P.S. The tradition you started... What a fabulous idea. We are talking about how we word things to our students and it has made me reflect on the ways I choose to use words with my family. Just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

what a sweet event just for your girlie :o)

bet you were a tired mama afterward though, and hopefully you slept well that night!

TulipGirl said...

Oh, how lovely!