Sunday, February 03, 2008

Streamline and Organize

Cherry Menlove chose a word for the year and asked her readers what their word would be too. I didn't think about it much at the time, but as January passed, I realized that I have two words that encompass my focus for this year: streamline and organize.

Over the past couple days I cleaned out both in my kids' rooms, similar to what I did for Elizabeth a couple years ago. The rooms are now well-organized, and I packed up all but a few toys and put them on a high shelf. That's where streamlining comes in. The kids are not overwhelmed. It's easy to keep the rooms clean. I am not stressed. They are not stressed. And they haven't missed anything. Actually Sarah asked for one toy which I got down for her, at which point she decided she didn't want to play with it after all.

I kept out a few dolls and accessories for the girls, along with their play kitchen stuff. I kept out Silas's dress up clothes and the stuff that goes with them (cowboy gun, football...), a few trucks and stuffed animals, and his tinker toys/building stuff.

They also have their lego table in the living room, tons of books, art supplies, scooters and bikes, and lots of fun, real-life, creative activities. Kids really do not need that many toys!

I can't put into to words how freeing this is. I have done it in other areas as I've unpacked, but the kids' rooms were a constant source of frustration for everyone. Now they feel manageable. I'm happy! They're happy!

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Donetta said...

Good for you and the children. I am doing this as I am packing up the house and letting go of things. I shed two boxes of videos. I can sell or give them but they are no longer my responsibility once they are gone! YA!