Sunday, February 17, 2008

Greek to Me

Billy is taking a Greek class this semester. The other night when he sat down to practice his alphabet, he had Elizabeth and Silas practice with him. They loved to see that Daddy has schoolwork just like they do, and they spent over an hour writing Greek letters with him. Elizabeth says, "I am learning Greek with my Daddy!"

Silas thought it was more fun to write Greek than to write his name. (Yeah, I know my little southpaw isn't holding his crayon correctly...working on that one...)


JAN said...

Have you heard of a book called English From the Roots Up by Joegil Lundquist? It teaches 100 Greek and Latin root words to help kids with vocabulary, spelling, etc. Our 6 year old is even enjoying it.
It's wonderful that your kids can be with daddy not only watching him learn something new, but learning right along with him!

Hannah's Mom said...

How wonderful!! I know Hannah really gets a kick out of Mom having homework. She also has enjoyed going to my ASL classes with me. (I have a great teacher who has welcomed her and teaches her right along with us.)
Sending our love!!

Charity Grace said...

Jan, I've heard of the book but I've never seen it. Sounds like something we would be interested in!

Windy, how great that Hannah is taking ASL with you. Elizabeth would love something like that!