Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Five Little Violets

When she was first learning to count, Elizabeth loved this sweet little old-fashioned fingerplay.


Five little violets growing by the door,
A bunny ate one and then there were four.
Four little violets smiling at me,
I picked one and then there were three.
Three little violets, purple and blue,
Give one to a friend and there there were two.
Two little violets grow in the sun,
Pick one for jelly and then there is one.
One little violet grows all summer,
Making seeds to start another!


Windy said...

Oh so cute!!! I miss those days... however, the days we have now are just as sweet! :) (Most anyways! ;) )

Phyllis said...

To answer your question: no, that is not a Baby Bjorn. Here in Russia we don't have to pay for brand names like that. :-) There are cheap little potties of all shapes and sizes in every store out there. Nice, eh?

Infant potty training is great fun! I'm sure I could come up with some tips for you. . . .