Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Learning to Read

Elizabeth, who just turned 5, had a huge reading breakthrough yesterday. I have been teaching her letter sounds for a couple years and using "complete curriculums" that you find at Sam's. She has enjoyed all that, but reading has just not "clicked" for her. Recently she has really become frustrated. She would labor over pronouncing each sound, but the word just did not come together in her mind.

Since Christmas we have been using The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading by Jessie Wise. Yesterday Elizabeth started reading two and three letter words with very little effort! She was so excited. She also caught a vision for what it will be like when she is reading fluently. She finally has the goal of being able to read stories to herself. She has known that intellectually, but she has lacked the vision of what this really meant for her. After our reading lesson yesterday she carried our reading book all over the house, practicing her words. She was copying words out of other books, sounding out words that she came across, reading to Billy, and ready for today's reading lesson.

This has been a fun experience for me too. This is the first major thing that I have taught her in school, the first thing she has really taken and run with. Now she knows how to count and do all those basic things, but I feel greater confidence that I can indeed teach her! It's funny, having been homeschooled and seeing moms do this for years, I have still felt inadequate. Not only is Elizabeth excited about moving forward, I am too. I can't wait to see what she learns next.


Leah said...

Go Elizabeth!!!!

Teisha said...

Yea Elizabeth!
How coincidental that you would write about Elizabeth reading... Chloie is 5 and she read her first book two days ago! I have always sounded the letters out to her but we never really worked on actually reading. She read an age appropriate book with a little bit of help from me. I was shocked!
They all do things so differently and at different stages in life. I noticed that the more kids I had the less I pushed them to do things quickly. (You want the baby to stay the baby for as long as you can when you know you won't have anymore babies after that one.) Unfortunately it seems the more kids you have the QUICKER they learn everything due to their siblings. So Malichai thinks he is 14 because "Jay is" and he is the most independant one of them all! He learned how to walk very early, how to climb, ride a scooter, etc. all WAY TOO EARLY! It's amazing what their little minds soak up:-)
I took some pictures of the kids yesterday and have attached this web page to my Blog for their viewing. I have tried and tried to download the picasa program (Hello) and my computer just won't let me run it. I am sending my over priced, broken computer back to Gateway because of these and other issues and will be getting another one in about a month. So for now there are pictures to view elsewhere.
Have a great day!