Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Next Martha Stewart?

At Christmas, I got to see Hannah, who is always a creative inspiration to me. She spins, felts, and dyes wool, knits, quilts, sews, and embroiders, makes cards and scrapbooks, makes jewelry, gardens, makes wreaths, and plays the fiddle, dulcimer, and piano, rides horses and takes care of other animals, volunteers in her church and community, loves children, and is a prolific letter-writer.

Did I mention that she is only 14?

And did I mention that she is my sister?

I love you Hannah! I'm proud of you!


Leah said...

When Hannah is rich and famous, do her sisters get her books and the home accessories and paint sold under her name for a discounted price?:)

Charity Grace said...

I hope so!

Hannah said...

I guess it runs in the family! You are two of the most creative people I know!!
By the way I will be booking speaking engagements very shortly! Ha!!
Love y'all. You are two of the best sisters a person could have!!!!!

Charity Grace said...


Teisha said...

I always remember how old Hannah is because my Jay is only a few months younger than her. I will never forget when your mom called me after I had my miscarriage. It was in August of 1990(right before I got pregnant with Jay) I always thought it was pretty neat that we were pregnant at the same time and that we would have kids who were the same age.
I always think about Hannah around April even though I don't know her at all. She sounds like a very special young lady and I would love to meet her again as a young adult. You all are so very talented and I love to hear stories about what you have learned from your experiences.
If you wouldn't mind, could you and/or Leah post all your birthdays, your kids birthdays, your siblings birthdays and your parents birthdays for me? Maybe all of us could do this so that we could at least send a note on our blogs to say "Happy Birthday!"
I will go to my Blog and do the same!