Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More New Blogs!

Hurray, Billy has a blog!!! Dating God's Way

As a pastor, Billy has been inundated by people asking questions about dating a relationships lately...So he figured it would be cool to have a place where he could answer some of those questions. He and I had a non-traditional relationship (read: courtship), but we recognize that it's not about a formula and there's no foolproof way to have a perfect romance. The important thing is to relate to others in a way that glorifies God, wherever you fall on the relationship spectrum, and that's what he looks forward to sharing about on his blog.

Another cousin blog: Binnion5

And more family blogs coming, I hear!

A friend blog: Collin Wimberly

Collin and his wife Gina are special to Billy and me since they are the ones who thought we'd make a good match and introduced us. Collin is a pastor, and latest up on his blog are recommendations for systematic theologies.

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