Thursday, January 19, 2006

One-Hour Dress

I don't have much time to sew these days. Monday when I made a rare trip to Wal-Mart I picked up some little girls' t-shirts on clearance and some coordinating $1/yard fabric. Yesterday I whipped up a t-shirt dress for Elizabeth in about an hour.

First I cut off the shirt to just longer than the length I wanted the bodice.

Then I took 1 yard of fabric and cut it in half. Zig-zagged the raw edges and sewed side seams (picture a large tube). I gathered the top edge and pinned it to the cut-off t-shirt, right sides together, then sewed it on. Finally, I machine-sewed a little hem. Cute as can be! Anyone can do this! Best of all, it only cost about $5.

One tip that an experienced seamstress gave me: Make sure that when you sew the skirt to the shirt that the shirt side is against the feed dogs and the fabric side is against the presser foot. That way the knit does not stretch and result in a maternity look. *L* It seemed to work.

Elizabeth has been twirling around in her new dress all day. She is such a girly girl and gets upset when we make her wear jeans. I love that she enjoys wearing dresses and being feminine. Now I'm looking forward to making some more one-hour dresses for her!


LyonsOliveBranch said...

Stephanie...I used to absolutely love to sew for Teisha, but found it boring to sew for the boys. Teisha was so feminine, yet a little tomboy at the same time. She loved it when I sewed for her, and I found my greatest pleasure in sewing when I could add all the little frills...hence...boring for me not to be able to add the cute details on the boys clothes. Do you have one of those new computer sewing machines? I didn't even know they existed until recently. I am an expert seamstress...but only on the old fashion sewing machines!

I am going to try to start blogging and I will try keep it active and updated. I decided that even if no one "visited", it would be fun to write out some of the Godly morsels of wisdom I have collected regarding marriage and mothering. Writing would cause me to revisit those thoughts and it would be a way to help keep me focused on how far I've far I have to go *L*.
Aunt Gail

Charity Grace said...

No, I don't have a computer sewing machine! Just a plain jane old fashioned one. Works for what I am using it for. :) I remember seeing some of the dresses you made for grandbabies--wow!

I would *love* it if you would start blogging! Off to check your link to see if you have written anything yet.

LyonsOliveBranch said...

Stephanie...HELP. Since I haven't written anything yet, and it says I don't exist, and yet I can sign in, I can't figure out how to post a comment on my existing blog address. Maybe I need to set up a new one...any ideas?

Charity Grace said...

*L* I was wondering why you don't exist either. That is really strange! You might have to start over? Not sure about that. Wish I could be more help!

Gail Lyons said...

Stephanie...I created a new blog address. It seemed to be the only way I could start posting :)
Aunt Gail

Teisha said...

Do I exist????? I keep trying to log in and it says that I am using the wrong password? I only use a few different passwords, so I am confused! I went into where it asks if I forgot my password and they said they would send it to me via e-mail... Still nothing. I hope I don't have to start all over too. Then I would have to spend hours thinking of a new Blogger name! UUUUGGGHHH! I guess I could go Spiritual like my some of you have, only mine would have to be something like "GOD HELP ME NOT STRANGLE MY 14 YEAR OLD!" haha
I'll keep looking