Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My New Life

Well, today is Day 2 of my new improved and improving life. Yesterday, the first day I tried to stick to my routine, was really frustrating. I went to bed too late the night before and consequently I was ready to crawl back between the sheets by about 8:30...AM. I didn't of course! But I ran an hour or so behind all day. However, I still got more done than I usually do and I determined to stick it out even though I felt discouraged, the house wasn't like I wanted it and so forth.

I did keep a log of my day to see where I might have mis-scheduled and where I was losing valuable time. I found that I did great till about 2PM when I became rather directionless and spent most of my time undecided about what was most important to do. Today I have a list for that time so I know exactly what I'd like to get done this afternoon. It may not all happen, but at least I have direction.

Today is going much better all the way around. I would still love to be accomplishing more and I'm still behind in my time, but I can see progress. We have had two great school days which is encouraging after the holiday break. I'm reading A Charlotte Mason Companion and incorporating some ideas from that into my teaching. Very helpful. I will be adding more ideas (such as picture study and more narration) as time goes by. Anyway, I'd better get busy if I don't want to waste the whole afternoon!

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Windy said...

Hurray for you Stephanie!!!! I myself seem to be getting more done too. :) I do have to say, not being back in school until the 9th and Hannah being back this week has definitely helped with that! :)