Thursday, April 26, 2007

Free Hugs

Sarah, who's not yet two, is my snuggliest child. She'd rather sit in my lap or give out hugs and kisses than anything. Last night at church she was hugging everybody. People she knows, people she doesn't know. She patted them politely on the leg to get their attention, then gave them a big hug. There was one poor guy she wouldn't leave alone. She hugged him over and over. I'd see that gleam in her eye as she spotted him across the room, and she'd be off to deliver another hug before I could stop her or catch her. He just patted her on the head and she would leave. Maybe he looked like he needed a hug. Finally we left the room just so she would quit hugging him.

That reminded me of the original Free Hugs campaign, which is actually pretty heartwarming. See the YouTube video here.

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