Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Old Home

Here's a picture of the 100 (or so) year old house we're renting. On one hand you can tell it's been somewhat neglected, especially on the outside; on the other, a good bit of care has been taken to maintain its structural integrity. Unfortunately some of the storm shutters don't work, and their permanently closed state take away from a lot of the house's curb appeal. But it still has so much potential. I would love to see someone buy it (it's not for sale) and restore it to its historical glory. It's such a wonderful old place.

I especially love the stained glass attic window. Isn't it pretty?

There is more stained glass inside the covered porch which I'll try to photograph soon. Hopefully pictures of the inside will be coming up before too long.

This house is next door. Unfortunately, it's too far gone to be saved. But doesn't it look like it was a grand old place at one time? *sigh* It makes me sad when such things are neglected to the point of no return.


Anonymous said...

It reminds me of a house in Shrv. where we used to live when B was a
baby. I'm sure he has a picture of it with him sitting on the steps.

Erica said...

What a cute, inviting little place! I love old homes. I can just see that place all redone with lots of rose bushes planted out front...