Sunday, April 01, 2007

Still Here

We arrived at our new home Monday, and we've been trying to get settled and come up for air this week. I haven't posted because my internet connection has been so sporadic, but as soon as I have access I'll be back to blogging.

Today was our first Sunday at our new church and Billy officially starts his new position tomorrow. It's a huge change, but we are very excited. I adore my new house, even though it's just a rental. I can't wait to post pictures. Having such a lovely home to move into took the sting out of leaving the wonderful house we lived in before. The kids are naturally a bit stressed and confused, but they are adjusting well overall. They are quickly making some sweet friends their age which helps a lot.

We've already been to supper at the homes of three other hospitable staff members who have made us feel so welcome. We're grateful.

More later!


Urka said...

Glad you are all getting settled in. Do post pictures!!

Thanks for the Maya sling. At this point Gabe goes nuts when he feels fabric and thinks its time to eat, but he'll probably grow out of that soon. :) He's been doing better about letting me get things done lately. Growing up so fast!

Skye said...

Hey Stephanie, I sent you an e-mail at your address. Not sure if you still have that. Haven't been reading in a while, and am curious as to where you are living now. I'm wondering if we're in the same state now. Drop me a line when you can!

Charity Grace said...

Urka, glad Gabe is doing better. Having a new one is definitely a joyful adjustment, isn't it?!

Skye, yes we're in the same state, just much farther south. Like almost at the end of the world, LOL. I got your email and replied; however, I can only check it sporadically so let me know if it didn't get through.

Thanks for the comments! :) Hope to be more online soon.