Saturday, April 14, 2007

Quick Family Update

We moved almost 3 weeks ago and we’re still settling in and unpacking. The kids have handled the move pretty well overall, though it’s been hard on Elizabeth. We finally heard her singing after church last Sunday. Our little songbird had been very quiet, so it was good to hear her happy voice again. Silas has transitioned very easily. He says God brought us here, “Because it’s such a beautiful place!” Of course he is especially delighted to be in the land of swamps, bayous, and ocean—in short, great fishing country. Sarah moved to her big girl bed and it wasn’t traumatic, though I expected it to be. She likes being able to get out of bed herself. We hear her little footsteps running down the hall in the middle of the night. Then she stands by my bed until I pick her up. Hmmmm…! She had a few little angry moments, which I know were caused by confusion and stress, but she is back to her happy little self now. She even stayed cheerful through a bout of stomach virus.

Billy is settling into his new job. It’s a big transition from senior pastor at a medium-sized church (200 or so in attendance) to staff member at a larger one (over 1,000), but he is gradually finding his place and we are excited about what the future holds for him. The other staff members have been so wonderful and welcoming, and have really made us feel as though they are delighted that we’ve joined them. This is a wonderful church, one we’re so glad to be a part of.

As for me, I have moments of homesickness for my sweet old house, dear friends and family, and all that’s familiar, but I think my adjustment has been the easiest. We have quickly settled into a routine, which I am loving, loving, loving. I can’t put into words how I adore predictable days, and how efficient and productive I feel with some rhythm to my week. Besides having a great house, that has definitely made the transition easy for me. I am really trying to stay focused on getting our home organized (something I never quite achieved before), and I’m looking forward to decorating and making this home a cozy refuge for as long as we rent here.

That said, it’s time I fed the children and got busy this morning. There’s still so much to do. It’s a warm, rainy day, so we’ll be inside unpacking. I’m so glad to be back to my blog! More thoughts forthcoming…


Rebecca said...

Don't feel bad, I still haven't achieved the organization in my life that I should have. And I'd really much rather be blogging.

So glad it's going well for you!

Anonymous said...
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Charity Grace said...

Comment discounted and deleted. (Not yours, Rebecca.) I don't publish anonymous comments, especially ones with such advice. Surely this isn't some kind of practical joke?!