Monday, April 16, 2007

Out and About

It's been a pleasure to catch up on all my blog reading that I missed while without internet access. I could live without the internet, but I don't really want to. Here are a few cool things I've run across lately.

I love the Adventure Bag that Soulemama made for her 4-year-old birthday boy. It's so cool I'm thinking of attempting something similar for my own boy who turns 4 this week.

Motherwear's breastfeeding blog discusses extended breastfeeding (past 1 year), which is on the rise. At the encouragement of a dear friend and experienced mom of 8, I've attempted to breastfeed my little ones till at least 2, which incidentally coincides with the World Health Organization's recommendation. Silas self-weaned at 21 months, but the girls have gone the distance. (At least I assume Sarah will; she'll be 2 in a few weeks.) The post aptly points out that there's societal pressure to keep quiet about it, which is quite silly considering it's so healthy for baby, whose greatest brain growth happens during the first two years of life. When my oldest two weaned, they were immediately sick more often. I'll be weaning Sarah soon--she only nurses at naptime and bedtime, as it is--but I'm so grateful for how it's helped her through our recent transition and how she's sailed through viruses that took most other people out for a good while. I'm not into breastfeeding forever, but nursing till age 2 has been very helpful to us.

Cherry Menlove
had the treat of interviewing Susan Branch on her blog. Or rather, she allowed her readers to interview Susan. As a longtime Susan fan, this was so much fun. And she promises her own blog coming soon!!! I especially loved this question and answer:

My question for you is ... "Did you enjoy being in a big family [Susan is the oldest of 8] or was it rather hard since there are so many personalities involved?"

I looove being from a big family too --- there is just such a bond. And my parents made it important to be one of “The Stewarts,” (my maiden name) -- all for one and one for all. We were so proud to be so many, taking up a whole pew in church. When someone asked, how many bothers and sisters do you have, we were so proud to give our answer, even though we had absolutely nothing to do with it.

How cool. I'm from a large-ish family (5 kids), and I loved it too. I love hearing about other people who loved growing up with lots of brothers and sisters. (BTW, the fonts and colors are totally not cooperating on that quote, don't know what's up with that.)

Retro Food
linked to Jack and Friends, and oh my, I am drooling over all the vintage goodness. I could break the bank there.

Finally, Josh Harris points to this interesting Washington Post story, Pearls Before Breakfast. He summarizes:

The Washington Post pulled off a very intriguing feat. They asked one of the world's greatest violinists to play one of the world's finest violins in the middle of rush hour at a downtown Metro station. It was an experiment of sorts. They wanted to see how many people would take note of the incredible music being played and stop to listen. Outside of the context of a concert hall, and with world-renown musician Joshua Bell disguised in a baseball cap would people realize what their ears were being treated to?


Storybook Woods said...

Very interseting out and abouts. Thank you Clarice

Charity Grace said...

I thought so too! :) Gotta love the blogosphere...