Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Case for Skirts

I love skirts! I love my jeans, too, but somehow there’s nothing quite like wearing a skirt. My girls love their skirts and dresses too. In fact, it’s usually like pulling teeth to get Elizabeth to wear jeans.

Here are three good reasons to wear a skirt, at least every now and then (or in my case, more days than not).

They’re cool. Air flow is good, something you don’t get with jeans or even shorts. Nice, since I now live where it’s summer for 80% of the year and spring for the rest of the year.

They’re comfortable. I don’t mean polyester suit skirts (blech, painful). Soft cottons with sensible waist options are a lot easier to wear than jeans, in my opinion. Skirts don’t have to be high-maintenance either. I pretty much don’t own any that I can’t throw in the dryer and wear as they are.

They’re feminine. I’m glad God made me a woman, and I like to dress like one. My girls are happy to be girls too, with all the roles and privileges that entails. Even if your style idiom is sporty, or you don’t consider yourself a girly-girl, there are lots of cute skirts to choose from. I suppose it might feel “dressed up” to wear a skirt if you’re used to only wearing them to church or special occasions (if that). But if you give it a try, I bet it will feel good to spread a little feminine grace. Besides, there’s nothing like a pretty A-line to cover figure flaws (I should know). Did I mention that I like dressing like a girl?

I don’t wear skirts for religious reasons anymore, and there’s no moral basis for my preference—it’s just practical and aesthetic. Nevertheless, I’m usually happiest and most comfortable in a skirt. It’s true that you can do almost anything in a skirt that you can do in jeans. For the odd job or activity to which that doesn’t apply, thank heaven for nice-fitting jeans, which are totally cute too.

P.S. Wal-Mart has some adorable, modest girls’ cotton skirts in many great colors right now. At $12 they are pretty reasonable. Here are a couple Elizabeth got yesterday.

Love the petticoat!

Pink eyelet. Disregard yogurt spills on shirt...


Rebecca said...

You are right, of course. My daughter with the sporty idiom likes skirts just fine. But in the summer. Here in the Great Northwest, wearing a skirt too early in the season can leave one feeling a little naked. ;)

Charity Grace said...

Yeah, jeans (or pants, whatever) rock in cold weather. I grew up wearing dresses all winter. BRRRRRR!!!

Sarah Schreffler said...

I prefer the feel of skirts/dresses to the feel of pants. (in the coldest of weathers I will occasionally put sweatpants on underneath my skirts for warmth. But in the Pacific Northwest this really isn't needed much) Unfortunately, when I went looking for maternity clothes, our culture has gone over so greatly to a pants culture that I could not find any long skirts for pregnant people so I am stuck in pants for the duration :( (Oh and I don't sew myself. A significant disadvantage in this situation.)