Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My House

Before we moved, when Billy suggested the idea of renting for a few years, I sat down and cried. I so wanted our own home. But I gave it to God, saw wisdom in the idea, and accepted it, even though I figured we'd have to downsize and live someplace less than ideal.

Well, God surprised me and gave us a home better than I could have imagined. I love this place, and I'm not anxious to leave. Sure, we'd like to buy a place some day, but for now, I'm loving it here. Here's a little peek at a couple of my favorite features in the living room.

French doors

Front door, inside the covered porch

Front door stained glass

I'm reminded of this poem. My home is certainly not a trial, but the trial was letting go of what I wanted and accepting what God wanted. His provision is so much better than anything I could have forced on my own!

In Acceptance Lieth Peace
In acceptance lieth peace,
indent.gif (54 bytes)0 my heart wilt thou be still,
Let my restless worries cease,
indent.gif (54 bytes)and I'll accept His will;
Though this test be not my choice,
indent.gif (54 bytes)It is His, therefore rejoice:
In acceptance lieth peace,
indent.gif (54 bytes)In acceptance lieth peace.
In this plan there cannot be
indent.gif (54 bytes)Aught to make me sad;
If this is His will for me,
indent.gif (54 bytes)I'll take it and be glad,
Make from it some lovely thing
indent.gif (54 bytes)To the glory of my King,
In acceptance lieth peace,
indent.gif (54 bytes)In acceptance lieth peace.
Cease from sighs and murmurings,
indent.gif (54 bytes)Sing His wondrous loving grace;
Every trial brings furthering,
indent.gif (54 bytes)For my celestial place;
From my fears take His release,
indent.gif (54 bytes)Joys and happiness increase;
In acceptance lieth peace,
indent.gif (54 bytes)In acceptance lieth peace.

By Hannah Hurnard and Alberta Knoch


Gina said...

Your house is really cute! Renting isn't so bad for a while...enjoy not having to do all the maintenance yourself!

Charity Grace said...

Yeah, it's nice to have weekends free to do something besides home maintenance and yard work.

TulipGrrl said...

Lovely, lovely! (And honestly, we really like renting. . . Even though we do a lot of the upkeep ourselves, it is nice not being "tied down" and having our options open. . .)