Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hello Mr. Alligator!

This little guy was hanging around when we went fishing the other day.

He thought he'd try to take a bite of Silas' cork! But then he spit it out. After awhile he got bored and left.

This living with gators is going to take some getting used to.


Leah said...


Rebecca said...

That is scary! But maybe you don't want to get used to it (as in, you do want to continue being vigilant).

Charity Grace said...

Yeah, getting used to it in that I don't stay in my house all the time because I might see an alligator, but not throwing caution aside. I hear that these guys are usually very non-aggressive unless they've been fed my tourists, which is unlikely to happen here. Still, it's good to be careful and appropriately armed when you might run into one.

Anyway, don't you guys have some pretty fearsome critters up North?

Charity Grace said...

WHOOPS! I meant fed *by* tourists, not fed *my* tourists. Terrible mistake there! :)

Rebecca said...

Like I'm ever going to come visit you now! *snort* ;)

Well, we have had moose and cougars in town, although I haven't actually seen them. We have a coyote travel up our street occasionally.

Honestly, there is a large, rather wild park in my neighborhood that I will not walk in without my dog. I figure, if worse came to worse, she would satisfy a hungry cougar while the kids and I got away. (Yuk!)