Thursday, May 31, 2007

Veils Christians Wear, Part 2

Again, from Authentic Christianity by Ray Steadman:

Another common Christian veil is sensitivity or touchiness. People who are touchy or excessively sensitive are easily hurt by the words or actions of others. They must be handled with kid gloves lest they take offense. And when offended, they suffer agonies of spirit and tend to wallow in a morass of self-pity. Their explanation of such agony is always the "thoughlessness" or "rudeness" of others, but in reality it is their own protest at not being given the attention or prominence that they're sure they deserve.

P.S. I don't think Batman really embodies the style of this blog very well, but he sure had a secret identity, didn't he?!

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Debra said...

I was just thinking about that sensitivity thing this morning... how uncomfortable I feel around those whose feelings are easily hurt.... And how, with my blog, sometimes I try to say everything "just right" so not to hurt anyone's feelings--all the time, realizing how impossible that is. So instead, I need to just try to say things as God would have me say them--and leave it at that. Even if it means losing readers and/or being misunderstood or maligned. (Just thinking aloud...thanks for posting and thanks for your comment today at my blog!) Blessings, Debra

Rebecca said...

Oh dear! I'm afraid I resemble that remark!

I also try to say things very diplomatically, both on the blog and in person, and I try not to worry aobut it if I'm misunderstood or someone doesn't like what I say. But, for a person whose feelings are just right there, it's very hard not to be hurt from time to time.

The thing I find most annoying, though, isn't getting my own feelings hurt, it's when people aren't careful with the feelings of others. It often bothers me more than if it were myself and that, I think, is worse, because it's taking on someone else's offense.

Ah, well, God isn't finished with me yet! :)

Charity Grace said...

I used to be a lot like this too. I still try to be very diplomatic and it makes me very uncomfortable to make someone else uncomfortable or see someone put on the spot. But Debra, you're right, it's impossible to please everyone all of the time.

One thing that really revolutionized how I took things (as far as being overly sensitive/easily hurt) and how I interacted with other people was the study Search for Significance, which I'd like to review sometime soon.

You're right, Rebecca, how nice to know that God isn't finished with us! :)

Rebecca said...

I should do that study. I've been around it alot, but I don't actually remember ever doing it.