Friday, June 01, 2007

Veils Christians Wear, Part 3

OK, OK, I promise this is the last picture of a creepy masked superhero! My 4-year-old little boy thinks it's cool though...

Here's another excerpt from Ray Steadman's Authentic Christianity, about "veils" Christians wear:

An impatient spirit can be a veil to hide the reality of what we are. It is often manifested to indicate importance or busyness. It frequently appears as a mark of zeal or dedication. But to be easily irritated, to frown readily, or reply sharply is a form of pride usually used to cover insecurity or a deep sense of inferiority. A self-justifying habit by people who can't stand to be misunderstood but who are forever explaining their actions reveals something similar.

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Barbara said...

Part 3 of this is very interesting and gives me something to think ab out.