Thursday, June 21, 2007


Do you like an exotic look? Carrien linked to this company which sells Indian clothing. Amazing colors, and so inexpensive (although I can't find info about shipping either).

I think these are beautiful, although they really aren't my style. The kurta (below) is kinda making me re-think my stance against dresses over jeans, though. That is very cute. They have beautiful skirts too. Of course, knowing my obsession with skirts, you all can imagine that I'd buy one of their skirts in a heartbeat. Carrien likes to wear the kurta as a housedress. Ingenious, I say.

Jeff Bettendorf posts a video his wife Katie made about their little girls' amazing recovery from cancer. Warning: Don't look at it if sad stories bother you. BUT this one has such a happy ending!

Dr. Scott McKnight of Jesus Creed fame wrote a beautiful and powerful piece on a personal argument against divorce: shared memories.

Meredith at Like Merchant Ships tells how to be a good house guest.

Cherry Menlove (Tales from a Pixie Wood) writes about the resurgence of homemaking in a culture where the Alpha Mom has been the ideal for some time.


Rebecca said...

Those outfits are very cute! It'd have to be just the right event for me to wear them, though.

Charity Grace said...

I really can't see myself wearing something that exotic, being a more romantic type myself. It's partly the color too. If they were in shades of pink it might be different. Probably not. But I still think they are pretty.