Monday, June 18, 2007

Wrapping Up This Baby Thing...

I remembered one more pregnancy tip that I forgot to include in the series. Drink LOTS and LOTS of water. Dehydration can cause miscarriage, I hear, especially a danger in the hot summer months. So keep the fluids going!

And just for fun, here are three baby items that I've never had, but which look wonderful.

This is a co-sleeper, which attaches to the side of the bed. The top image is bassinette size; the bottom one is larger. I've always put the crib right by my bed, but baby still ended up in bed with me a good deal of the time, just so I could get some kind of rest. A co-sleeper seems ideal. Baby still has his own space, but there's no up and down all night long. I'm not against bed sharing, but it never worked very well for us. I think this would be a better option.

I think this wooden high chair is so pretty. I always wanted a wooden heirloom-type high chair, but so far we've mostly had plastic. I did have a vintage wooden high chair that was very pretty, but extremely dangerous. The tray wouldn't stay attached, so it was easy for tray and baby to fall to the floor. We didn't keep it.

An Ergo! I've heard rave reviews about this carrier! I really love my Snugli, but my fat little babies always outgrow it in a matter of weeks. The Ergo looks like a super-Snugli to me. It's no secret that Billy and I want more children, so when the time comes, the Ergo is at the top of my wish list.

By the way, you can click on any of the pictures above to get to the Amazon listing for that item or one very similar.

Finally, a related subject...Or maybe not...My frugal baby posts were pretty popular, so here they are (I say after I've just talked about three pricey items!)...

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My Boaz's Ruth said...

Baby Bargains agrees with you about the Ergo. That's what we are planning on getting for husband. (though I want a sling. a mei tai or a pouch or something)

We're going the pack and play instead of the co-sleeper route -- can be used longer. (though some of the Arm's reach co-sleepers do claim to be able to change into pack and plays)

As for wooden high chairs -- well that one looks dangerous, with the wide separation between the spindles in back and the lack of harness. and they are hard to clean.

Charity Grace said...

I've had slings and loved them while baby was tiny. When they got bigger, it was too hard on my back though. That's why the Ergo is appealing.

Nothing wrong with the pack and play. That's a great inexpensive option. If someone hadn't given us a great crib I might have gone that route also.

You make some good points about the high chair. Actually if you click on the picture it will take you to the chair I really like. It looks safer.

Mobunny said...

I like the looks of the high chair, but it looks slippery. I don't really care for the plastic ones that are popular today, either. I always wanted one like you sit your kids in at fast food places......wheels and NO tray!

Charity Grace said...

Billy really likes the restaurant chairs too. They're very functional, but not as pretty, I think.