Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I've been fighting a migraine since Monday night. Anybody know how to get rid of this thing, besides sleeping it off???!!!


Erica said...

Girl, I've struggled with those for years... no fun!!

So far I've found drinking lots of water and taking 4 Ibuprofen (which is the same as what a Dr would prescribe) helps.

I've heard there's a natural remedy, kinda like a Vick's vapor rub thing that you can get and a lady I know is supposed to figure out how to order it in bulk and I'm going to get some. I don't remember what it's called or I'd tell ya! Once I know I'll be sure to give you a report on how it works. I do know it has a bit of menthol in it (I smelled it) so you may try some Vick's.

Charity Grace said...

Yeah, let me know how it works. I never used to have them, then I started having "tension" headaches, and now full-blown migraines every now and then. They seem to be hormone-related.

I haven't been drinking enough water. That will undoubtedly help. Thanks. Off to find my glass...

Oh, and chocolate seems to be a trigger for me. I didn't eat chocolate for a long, long time...Once I started again, the headaches began. But it doesn't always affect me that way. Strange.