Monday, June 04, 2007


Sarah, who’s 2, knows one color. Pink. It’s her favorite. She doesn’t know what the other colors are called, she just knows that they aren’t pink. And since it’s is the only color she knows, she also uses the word to mean “color.” To inquire what color something is, she says, “What dat pinky?”

Her reddish sippy cup has a name: Pinky. “Where my Pinky?” she asks first thing in the morning, last thing at night.

I got her some new clothes yesterday. A couple shorts sets, and a couple cotton sun dresses, one pink and one blue. This morning I laid them all out and asked her what she’d like to wear. Without hesitation, she pointed to the pink dress. “Dat pinky!”


AnnMarie said...

That's so cute!!!! My daughter was a weird 2-year-old (still is actually). The first colors she learned were purple and yellow!

Charity Grace said...

It's amazing to me how 2 can be such a frustrating time, but such a fun one too. It's one of my favorite ages.