Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Old House

The house next door is coming down. Our house is old; this house is much older. See the cypress shingles that were under the rusty tin?

I wonder what the view from these upstairs windows looked like when the house was built. I'm sure the landscape was a lot different than the downtown we have now. This house might even have been the first one on the block.

I love the front door's wavy glass.

I would love to go inside and take pictures before it's all torn down, but since it's now officially a demolition site, I don't suppose that will be allowed.

One thing that makes me feel better is that it's being torn down slowly, because someone wants to use the old materials. I'm happy that a hundred years, and probably more, of history aren't being bulldozed.

Goodbye, old house.


cherry menlove said...

Well I know it's old but it's just so beautiful! I love it's shape and style. But I too am glad that they are not just going to bulldoze the whole thing.

Cherry xx

Charity Grace said...

Thanks, Cherry. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hannah's Mom said...

Love that old house!! I too love the wavy glass... I have an antique mirror that has that affect. I grew up in a Craftsman in California, lots of wavy glass. :) O, those were the days. :)

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Ohhh... did you grab that door and lean it against your tree??? Or something? Anything?

BEAUTIFUL photos! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

I do believe I'll subscribe to your blog. What a fun place to visit.

Charity Grace said...

The house isn't completely down yet. I'm hoping there might be some leftovers (like a door or something) that they don't want. They are tearing it down for the cypress lumber. One of the workers told us yesterday that a single flatbed truck of the old lumber would bring about $3,000!!! The will probably get 5 or 6 loads from the house. I was amazed. Maybe they will give away some of the aesthetic elements...I'm hoping!

Thanks for the compliments, by the way!