Thursday, June 14, 2007

Preparing for Birth, Part 4

Keep a good attitude

To be honest, I hate being pregnant. It’s not fun, it’s uncomfortable, I feel fat and unattractive, and I’ve had some pretty low times during pregnancy as well. But when I’m pregnant, I can choose not to focus on the bad, and instead remember that this isn’t about me and my feelings, it isn’t about being pregnant in and of itself, it’s about the creation of a priceless new life.

Don’t listen to horror stories

Ignore people who want to tell you how terrible their births were. Don’t troll the internet reading bad birth stories. Don’t watch Baby Story. Birth is a natural, wonderful experience which can go well most of the time. Listening to scary stories will only open the door for fear. If you must, kindly but firmly say, “I’d rather not hear horror stories,” and change the subject.

Pray for birth and baby

Strangely enough, I realized midway through my pregnancy with Sarah that although I was spending a lot of time worrying, I had spent very little time praying over my baby, my pregnancy, and my birth. I had to remedy that quickly. It sounds silly that I didn't think to do that, I know. But somehow I did...I believe prayer is essential for the optimal experience.


Seeker said...

Really enjoyed reading this series! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm very much enjoying reading yours and will be back!

Jen said...

Amen to the not listening to horror stories! Why is that other women feel a license to share the WORST story they've ever heard minutes after you tell them you are pregnant? How does that build the body of Christ? I also did not enjoy being pregnant abd really struggled beign uncomfortable with #3. I wish I would have stopped to listen the Lord as He tried to give me peace. Thankfully, my sweet husband prayed me through my bad attitude, back aches, cramps, mood swings, food cravings, swollen feet, and complaining. Praise the Lord for godly husbands!
This is a good series and wisdom many first-time mamas need to hear from other godly women. Books are great, but women who live their faith are an awesome resource, too!