Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

I have such a great dad! He came to know Jesus when I was a baby, and he’s lived his life committed to Christ. He has always put family first above his career. He has a great work ethic, which he taught us. His philosophy is that he’s there to make his employer succeed. He goes the extra mile for those he works for and other people in his life. He keeps his word. If he said we were going to do something special a month from today at 8am, you could bank on it. If he tells you he’ll do something for you, he does. He’s always led by example. I remember when I was very small, waking at 5am to find him reading his Bible in the living room before he left for his hours’ commute to work. My dad is kind and diplomatic. I learned a lot about getting along with people by watching him. He’s easygoing, easy to work with, and unselfish. His work ethic and good word make him well-respected, but his diplomatic ability, his reasonable nature, and his unselfishness make him well-liked. I’m so glad that my children have a grandpa like him in their lives. I love you, Daddy!

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