Saturday, May 05, 2007

Finding Time for Me

I used to think that the idea of finding time for myself was selfish. And I think that if it's something we demand, or if time for ourselves causes our families to suffer, then it is selfish. But everyone needs a little time alone to do something to nourish the soul. As a busy mom, that time is hard to find. No spa days for me!

There are 2 little times I set aside for myself. First, I take a few minutes after lunch when the babies go down for their naps (Elizabeth doesn't nap; she has quiet time) just to surf around online, mostly reading blogs that inspire me. I have to discipline myself not to get carried away and spend too much time, but 15 or 20 minutes is enough to unwind and feel inspired. I try to keep my blog reading uplifting. I read blogs that help me in my calling: first, caring for my family (mom stuff, creative homemaking), and second, to reach out to others, also mostly through the ministry of my home in hospitality. I feel a new commitment to these callings since we've moved. Although we're still settling, I guess you could say I have a greater and more specific vision for what I'm supposed to be doing. My little break is a refreshing way to be reminded of that.

My second break is bathtub multitasking. Busy mamas know that the bathroom is just about the only place we can find time alone, right?! So a hot bath and a good book make a relaxing combination. Now Billy will know why I sometimes take so long in there. Oh well! :)

Find a few minutes to recharge and enjoy yourself today!


Erica said...

lol @ the long baths. :) Mom's do need a little time to clear their heads sometimes! I've only been a mom a short while, but I know the significance of having a few minutes of not having to worry about baby. Sometimes a friend, or Grandma will watch him so I can go get groceries. While shopping isn't a relaxing, enjoyable thing to do, it becomes a retreat when I realize I can go through the store without worrying about him screaming and what I'm going to do with him. lol I can actually look at things instead of making a mad dash around the store, hoping he doesn't get restless before I finish. lol

K, off to get a shower... he just fell asleep!

Cousin Gina said...

Hi Stephanie! I'm still here, checking up on your's and Leah's blogs every few days. I pray for you both often, even though I don't comment much.

I just started a daily trivia tournament if you all would like to come play once in a while. It's really quick...10 multiple choice questions, and you are judged for time as well as accuracy. It's kind of fun, if you want to waste a minute of your precious internet time on it. *wink*

Take care!

Charity Grace said...

Fun! I got 8 out of ten, mostly by lucky guessing LOL. Great to "see" you here! I miss y'all. Elizabeth asks about your family often. We had such fun at your place last year.

Glad to know you're around.