Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Family Heirlooms and Design Idiom

This pie safe is a beautiful family heirloom that Billy inherited. How nice to marry a bachelor with such lovely furniture, yes? The simple craftsman style fit so nicely with our old 1950's home.

Before it was always in the kitchen, and it was filled with dried beans, empty cannisters, and other seldom-used kitchen stuff. With the move, I repurposed it. (Lots of repurposing going on, can you tell?) Now it holds my fabric, vintage quilts, and stationery. Children's books are in the bottom.

Our craftsman furniture looks a bit out of place in this house, which has more French and Edwardian influence (as nearly as I can tell; I'm no expert). Recently I've really come to love the cottage/shabby chic look, which appeals to my romantic side I guess. That look would be perfect for this place. However, I won't be going that direction in decorating for several reasons. First, this is a temporary home. Second, the shabby chic motif is too feminine for Billy's taste, and I'm a firm believer that our home should represent both of us. And last, our best pieces of furniture are craftsman, which really is a wonderful and timeless style. So craftsman it is!

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weirdbunny said...

Stunning cabernet, lets hope you have a more permanant home soon. In our house we have differnet rooms that represent our differnet tastes.