Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Family Update

For the first time in several months this week has felt something like normal. For those of you who don't know, September 1 Billy had major emergency surgery. (For those of you who did know and prayed or helped, thank you!) Since neither of us has had anything like that before, we didn't realize how long recovery would take. He's just now feeling close to healthy again. It's good to see him back to his usual self, full of energy and enthusiasm. When he wasn't constantly writing, planning, or generating ideas I knew he was a long way from well.

We've both learned a lot of things through this. One, don't take advil every day. It eats holes in your stomach.

We also have a new sympathy for the ill and their caregivers. We know better how to minister to those who are going through similar things.

I knew I was blessed to have Billy, but the prospect of losing him made me realize even more just how much I treasure my guy!!! That's just a start of all the things we've learned in the past months.

As for the rest of us...Elizabeth and I have been busy with her home school kindergarten year. She's a joy to teach and she loves to learn. She would do school all day if it were possible. We're focusing on learning to read, basic math, and other early-grade skills. She keeps a nature journal and she's also learning to sew by hand and knit a little bit. Some dear friends got us a family membership to our local interactive children's science museum, so I know that will be on our list of frequent field trips. We joined the local home school group. Since Billy has been sick we haven't been able to get too involved yet, but I'm hosting a craft day and knitting workshop for the group later in the winter.

Silas is potty training and learning his colors. Elizabeth is his best bud. He loves boats, fishing, guns and anything that happens outside. He also loves animals in general and reptiles in particular. During church he stays quiet if I take a notebook and draw pages and pages of frogs, alligators, snakes, and turtles. He has a great sense of humor and loves to tease. He's also very observant, mechanical, and people-savvy.

Sarah is 6 months old and the happiest baby I've ever seen. She cries only when she is sleepy, very hungry, or needs a diaper change. Sometimes I pick her up and carry her around just because she is completely content nearly all day. She rarely fusses to be held. This is a new experience for us! She's a roly poly little thing and she's learning to sit and crawl. Nothing makes her happier than playing with her Daddy or brother and sister.

Our children are such a joy to us and we feel so blessed that God has given us the marriage and family that He has.


Daddy said...

you have some awfully cute kids and smart too, just like their grandpa.

Charity Grace said...

yeah, they sure are!:)