Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What a Week!

I'm a day late on this week's family update, but Oh Well. It's been so insane I think I'm entitled to an excuse!

On Monday of last week, Billy was at the hospital very early because a friend's baby was having surgery. While there, he got a call that his dad was having emergency surgery. So he was at the hospital till late that night.

Shortly after he got home, he came down with a stomach virus and was up all night with the less desirable symptoms.

Tuesday, in his words, he "wasn't worth shooting".

Wednesday, Elizabeth tried the laws of gravity by jumping off the couch and flapping her arms to see if she could fly like a bird. Afterward she couldn't put any weight on her foot and we were sure it was broken.

That night she and Silas had the virus and we were up most of the night taking care of the less desirable symptoms.

Thanksgiving Day we had planned to be with Billy's family since the whole family was together for the first time in quite awhile. However, since the kids had been sick all night we decided that as much as we wanted to go, we'd better not expose everyone else. Besides, since Elizabeth's foot was worse, we took her to the ER to get it X-rayed.

We learned late in the week that a very dear friend had a massive stroke and has only been given a few days to live.

The good news of the week is that Sarah and I escaped the virus, that Elizabeth's foot was only very badly bruised, our friends' baby came through surgery successfully and Billy's dad is on the mend.

Friday we decided we'd better get out of town (or "run for your lives" as one of our friends said), so we spent the night at the camp and had a nice restful day. However, it will take more than one day to recover from the mountain of laundry we generated in the past week.

Nevertheless, we have a great deal to be thankful for. Friends and family, a wonderful home, and abundant grace even in the hard weeks--and that's just a start.

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