Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday's Family Update

Early in the week I decided to throw this garage sale together that I've been trying to have since April. Between new baby, Billy's surgery, and other things, I haven't had a weekend that would work. This Saturday didn't work either, but I figured if I didn't do it this week it would be far too late in the season. I just did it on Thursday and Friday, put out lots of signs and advertised on a couple local email loops I belong to. All in all I did really well, and I think I made even more on Thursday than Friday, which was a surprise. I don't have that much stuff left.

Billy's sister got married this weekend, so we had the rehearsal Friday and wedding Saturday. Billy was an usher and Elizabeth was a flower girl. She was so excited to get to wear the princess-y flower girl dress. This is her third time to be a flower girl, so she's getting to be a pro. The wedding was beautiful and we're so happy for the bride and groom!

Last night we had our community Thanksgiving service. Each year our church, the local First Baptist church, the Methodist church, and the Nazarene church all get together for a special service. This year it was Billy's turn to preach, and if I can brag on him a little bit, I thought his message was phenomenal. We're very blessed to live in an area with so many wonderful pastors, and it's a treat to get to see them and their congregations at this time of year.


Leah said...

Nothing wrong with a wife being proud of her hubby. Brag away!!

Charity Grace said...