Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday's Family Update

I'm going to try to post family updates on Mondays, so if you are reading primarily for family news, check in early in the week.

This was the week for bargains. The first and most significant is that God blessed us with a 2002 GMC Yukon XL for a truly amazing price--a beautiful vehicle that we never would have ordinarily been able to get. We have been trying to decide what to buy for months, since the Explorer (which Billy has had since before we married) is no longer reliable. We considered everything from trucks to small cars, and we were willing to downsize if necessary, even if the whole family didn't fit. Each time we thought we had come to a decision, something prevented us from pursuing it and we coudn't get a peace. Then the Yukon came available, far above and beyond what we ever dreamed we would be able to purchase. Our whole family fits with room to spare, we have ample cargo space, and we would be able to pull basically anything we would ever need to.

I'm still driving the wonderful van that God provided last year. He truly blesses us beyond our wildest dreams.

This weekend we also ran into bargains for books, clothes, and Christmas gifts. God's provision amazes me!

We spent the night at our camp Friday night. Years ago when Billy talked about buying a camp, I couldn't fathom why we'd need such a thing. I didn't even know what a camp was. For those of you who are in the dark like I was, it's not uncommon where we live for people, especially if they live in town, to own or lease small hunting or fishing camps near lakes or rivers. It's usually a small plot of land with an old trailer on it. We were fortunate and found one with a tiny but real house on a slab. It's been a wonderful ministry retreat and a place to have the best family time ever. It didn't take me long to figure out that
Billy used great wisdom in looking for a camp. The kids always cry when we have to leave, and they can't wait to get back. We rest, play, fish, go for walks, read and study, plan, and watch eagles, herons, and other wildlife. Our camp is where we are truly able to get Sabbath rest.

This time we just had fun walking and relaxing Friday afternoon, as well as looking for fossils and arrowheads. Billy spent Saturday morning in study while the kids played outside, and we headed home after lunch.

On other family news, Silas drew his first real person this week. He said it was Daddy. Elizabeth also had a first. She made a list of numbers in order up to 8. She would have gone farther, but she ran out of room on her paper! As for Sarah, she has learned how to make a horrible-sounding growl and she thinks it is great. I'll be glad when the novelty wears off and she is back to her sweet cooing sounds again!

That's it for family news this week.


Phyllis said...

How neat to have a camp like that! It's something like the Russian idea of a dacha. :-)

I think our babies are about the same ages, and mine has been growling lately, too.

Charity Grace said...

Great to see you, Phyllis! I was just reading your blog the other day...I think our babies are close in age. LOL about the growling! Your little ones are adorable.