Friday, November 18, 2005

Little Pigs on the Prairie

By Elizabeth, age 4

Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs at a fair. A pig eater started to chase them. They were fast pigs and they runned home fast as a pig can run, 28 miles, and told their mom and dad. Then they ran out into the woods and hid in a bush. They crawled under the bush and they didn’t squeak or nothing. The robbers looked under all the bushes but not the one that had piggies. So they goed outside and sneaked up, but the house was in the woods somewhere but they didn’t know where it was. But they sneaked up on the little pink house and there were the mom and dad pig. Then the pigs chased the robbers away. The end.


Daddy said...


Great story about the pigs. You did a great job on it. Maybe you will be a writer when you grow up. I'll see you on Thanksgiving, next week. Love you, grandpa

Leah said...

Great story!!