Saturday, November 19, 2005

What's Trackback?

Come on, experienced bloggers, help me out. This is one blog term that I've can't figure out. What's trackback? Does it mean that when you link someone from your blog, you let them know? Is this blog etiquette?

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Carmi said...

I found this definition at Webopedia:

TrackBack is a type of peer-to-peer communication system that was designed to send notification of updates between two Web sites via a Trackback Ping. Ping in reference to TrackBack refers to a small message sent from one Web server to another. TrackBacks are useful for informing a Web site that you have referenced its Web site within your own Web site, and is popular with bloggers.

TrackBack was first released as an open specification in August 2002.

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Wikipedia goes into even greater detail here:

Hope this helps!