Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday's Family Update

This week we got to take the kids to see excerpts from The Nutcracker. The local ballet was performing at our library, and selling tickets, of course. Elizabeth really enjoyed it, but she wasn't as enamored as I thought she'd be. We've talked about going to the Nutcracker for years, but at this point, the excerpts were probably enough ballet for now.

On Friday and Sunday nights we were also able to attend a huge area-wide evangelistic crusade. Because of Billy's surgery and subsequent recovery we weren't able to be as involved as we would have liked, but it was still wonderful to be able to go. Several people in our church sang in the 1500 member choir or were counselors. Last night there were about 8,000 people there. Although the primary focus was on non-Christians, it was refreshing for the rest of us as well.

Sarah is sitting up well now and she is army crawling. She can get into pretty much whatever she wants, it just takes a lot of effort.

Silas' language skills have leaped forward in the last few days, especially his pronunciation.

Elizabeth's vocabulary is growing too. Her new favorite word is "ridiculous".

That's all folks!

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