Friday, November 11, 2005

Spotlight on TulipGirl

I first "met" TulipGirl almost 5 years ago on a secular parenting board, before she was TulipGirl. I always looked for her posts because she had been homeschooled, like me, and I appreciated the grace with which she represented Christ in a largely anti-Christian forum.

After awhile I stopped visiting the site and moved on to a Christian board. One day as I was reading a post, I thought, This sounds really familiar. I emailed her and asked, "Are you ____ from the other board?" Well, she was! She was such an encouragement to me, prayed for me, and wrote me notes of encouragement during my second pregnancy. She had a cool web site that I loved to read. Then we lost touch again.

One day while blog surfing, I noticed her first name on a blogroll. Surely we haven't bumped into each other online *again*, I thought. What were the odds of that happening? But it was her. Now she had a blog, which was even more fun than her web site. She wrote about her family's life as missionaries to Ukraine, thoughts on mothering, homeschooling, breastfeeding support, and gracious living.

Now TulipGirl and her family are back in the states, but she's still blogging. I continue to value her insight and encouragement, and I know you will too. I have just one question for her though. If I'm not Reformed, will I get kicked out of the blogosphere? ;)


TulipGirl said...

Awwwww. . . *mush, mush*

Valerie said...

Steph, when I first started blogging I spent some time blogging in connection with some reformed bloggers. I dont really run in those circles anymore, and only a few relationships have lasted, but they didnt kick me out. I just became more interested in different topics, or got tired of how they approached things. In a lot of ways, for you and I, though even we are a lot different (Baptist and Catholic, hehheh) these reformed people are the most normal people who are attempting similar things to what we were involved in during our actual homeschooling years (as students). So they can be great to hang out with on the internet.

Charity Grace said...

*L*, I was kidding V. But I totally agree with you, Reformed bloggers have been a great blessing to me in all the years I've been reading them before I started blogging myself. Overall I've found them very warm and welcoming, and also infused with a sense of hope and purpose that I don't see in a lot of other circles. I think we can all learn from each other--I know I've learned a great deal from them, in any case.

I guess I need to email you--I thought you were Anglican. *L* But I guess the jump to Catholic is not that great, right? I always love to hear about your journey.

TulipGirl said...

And remember Steph. . . it's just that you aren't Reformed yet.


Charity Grace said...