Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bargain Heads Up

Bath and Body Works has a bunch of stuff 75% off right now. They have quite a few large fancy lotions and body butters (in fruity and lavender scents, which I like) normally $15...So you can get them now for just a few dollars...But the best bargain I found were small bottles of verbena and lemon lotion, normally $5, so on sale for $1.25. I only got 2, but I should have gotten a dozen. These would make great little gifts, especially included in a gift basket of some kind, or as stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, etc. They are in pretty bottles, and who's to know you got them on clearance? Very nice. I've been trying to buy small things like this, either to have on hand for unexpected birthday parties and the like, or for Christmas gifts. Not long ago I found several Christmas gifts for my kids at deep discounts.

Speaking of that, one of my favorite frugal places to shop is Tuesday Morning. They are a closeout store, and like any closeout store they have a lot of junk...But many treasures are to be found, especially in the stationery and cooking sections. You have to be careful because sometimes the savings are relative ($200 for a sheet set that was originally $600, for example), but I got several very nice gifts there for under $10 each.


Hannah's Mom said...

Hey you... Thanks a lot!! ;) I bought from B&B today. I too love Tuesday Morning! Gail had given us her silverware when she moved to Vegas and I am always on hte look out to find more of that silverware. I love it and the I love the new set Todd bought us for our new home. (he got it at a discount resale shop and it was missing a few spoons... big whoop, thats what Tuesday Morning is for... :)..)
Thanks for sharing!

Joy@Joy in the Journey said...

Oh, it sounds so lovely...two of my favorite places...alas, we have neither of them here. :)
Dreaming of a shopping excursion at B & B with a Starbucks in my hand.... :)

Anonymous said...

I'll have to run over there today!
Thanks for the FYI...