Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More B&BW Bargains and a Fun Question

Like some of you, I really love Bath and Body Works, but they are pretty expensive, at least for my frugal sensibilities. So I look for bargains, like the 75% off clearance deal going on right now.

Here's another way to get B&BW products for deep discounts. They have really good promotional offers. If you get on their mailing list, you will get a little card about 4 times a year that offers a free item from a particular line of products if you buy any other item at full price. Usually the free item can be up to a $12 value. It also has an expiration date.

Now this is not a good deal if you go in just looking for something to buy, or if you get snookered into impulse purchases (which is why they are trying to get you there). It is a good deal if you go in with your guard up and with a plan. Determine in advance that you will not buy anything besides what you're planning to purchase (unless, of course, you find an excellent deal on clearance as I did yesterday). Then know what you want. I honestly can't bring myself to spend $10 or more for a bottle of lotion or bubble bath very often, so I buy either two items in my signature scent, or one thing for me and one to put back as a Christmas or birthday gift. If I'm shopping with a gift card, all the better. I will even do this if the card is good through, say, the end of August, but I know I'll need a gift in December. This is especially good if I already planned to get them a B&BW product. Just buy in advance.

Our friend Carla Emery used to call it being a smart fish or a dumb fish. Most people have been fishing at one time or another. If you've been fishing, chances are you've had your bait stolen by a smart fish. For really great promotions (whether B&BW, long distance service, whatever), be the smart fish. Take the bait, but don't get hooked.

And now for the question...What is your favorite B&BW fragrance? Mine is Warm Vanilla Sugar. Mmmmmmm...


Hannah's Mom said...

MMMM... warm vanilla sugar, I love that one too! My favorite for summer is the Cucumber Melon. It is refreshing!

I was so glad you posted the 75% off sale... We just ran out of the anti-bacterial soap and I only buy it when it is on sale. So, thank you!

Erica said...

Pink Grapefruit scent is my favorite, though it is not available in very many products. I always buy that anti bacterial soap. :)

For bath products I like the Coconut Lime scent. :)

Donetta said...

I like fragrance free. My son and I have Asthma so we prefer to breath. :)

Morning Glory said...

I absolutely love B&BW and I'm afraid I'm one of those who wanders in and buys at random. My favorite is the Honeysuckle bath/shower gel. They don't have it regularly anymore, but they do bring it out in June and January for sale purposes. They have a new one that is called Wild Honeysuckle, but it isn't quite the same.

I also have discovered Lemongrass and Sage. That's a very refreshing scent.

Anonymous said...

My favorite scent is the tahitian one. (It smells kind of like banana, vanilla, sugar and coconut- all in one. I love it!)
Their hand soaps are WONDERFUL. Favorite? The pineapple or coconut. YUM.