Thursday, July 12, 2007

So Much More

I didn't realize my sweet husband was a step ahead of me and already ordered the book So Much More by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin, a book I commited to read as a result of this conversation. It arrived yesterday.

First impressions: Very beautiful, quality book. It's much nicer than it looks in the picture, and feels good in the hand.

It's heavily footnoted, which at first gives the impression that it's well-researched. However, even a casual flip through revealed that many, if not most of the works cited are from Vision Forum, the book's publisher, or Ladies Against Feminism, a ministry that works closely with Vision Forum. This is relevant simply because it reveals that much of their "research" comes from within their own organization.

A few pages in, I find that they have many wonderful things to say, and compelling philosophical arguments for the rebuilding of the traditional family. I've been on the same page as the Botkin girls regarding this issue for years. My concern is how they determine this must play out on a practical level, and how they use scripture to support their view. That's what I'm anxious to find out. I'll write more as I get deeper into the book.


Anonymous said...


I followed your link to "this conversation" and read the whole page (281 comments so far). All I can say is thank you- it was eye-opening for me.
I'm on the woodshed and got to your blog from there, before you left. I've always been bothered by the whole no-college, siblings only as friends, adult children staying at home thing but never could verbalize exactly what I thought was wrong with it- I just knew that it somehow felt wrong to me. The above discussion that you linked to verbalized many of my misgivings and crystallized my thoughts on some of those teachings.
Thanks for sharing this.

Charity Grace said...

Kelly, I'm so glad it was helpful. Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but my internet was down...I do appreciate your comment, though.