Monday, July 23, 2007

Fun with Math

Today is one of those lump-in-my throat, want to sit down and cry days in our homeschool. You know, when the first grader is asked easy, easy preschool math problems and she looks totally blank...I am looking at her with disbelief because we had this concept long ago and have gone over it so many times since...And her daddy is looking at me like, "What have you been not teaching this child?!" Oh dear. So I guess it is time for some extra drill and review. She really despises math, but she's been doing so well and having such a good attitude during lesson time. She must have just had a flake-out moment, because I know she knows this stuff. Maybe some reinforcement pages will help. Here are a few sites for free printable worksheets that I found. Thought I'd pass them along in case I am not the only one whose child needs some extra drill.

Math Drills

Billy Bear Printable Math Worksheets

Homeschool Math


Dreams of a Country Girl said...

Let me reassure yout hat it happens. I am a mother of 3 and a former school teacher and administrator. It happens will all students. You are and she will say, "Oh yeah, I remember this."

Jen said...

Oh my, we've had days like that, too! I think we just take it mroe personally because we're more than teachers--we're mamas, too! Hang in there...
I was thinking about spiritual lessons, too, and how our children will need to be "drilled" over and over in those areas, too. It was a good reminder for me...

Melissa Scott said...

Oh, so familiar with days like sorry, friend! Could you close the books, have popsicles and play with puzzles and hit it again tomorrow?? That is the beauty of homeschool and young have got plenty of time and no pressure ( except from yourself...which is the worst, huh?!) Tomorrow is a new day with light bulbs going off in your 1st grader's cute little head! Kiss your kiddos for me!
Much love!

Charity Grace said...

Aw, thanks! Each of your encouraging words means a lot. Melissa, you are right, the worst pressure comes from myself. The rest of the day went well. I printed some math sheets which she did accurately and lickety-split. Billy said he thinks she must have blanked out because she was put on the spot. I felt reassured that she hadn't forgotten! :)

Anonymous said...

I can remember when I was trying to teach our younger daughter to talk. I couldn't figure her out! 2 years old and not hardly a word. What was I doing wrong, I thought.
And then one day, WoW! She just opened her mouth and out came everything! (She hasn't stopped since. LOL)
What I am trying to say is... hang on! Everything that you are doing will pay off. Your child is retaining a portion of what you are teaching and one day soon... WoW! Out it will come!

Donetta said...

Have you ever heard about Math the fun way . Check it out on a search. Good stuff for kids that are not so fond of the language of math. We each have our strengths, she may just have a different way of processing.
Don't take it personally just look for an open door. Your doing a great job!