Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Anybody know what this flower is?


Donetta said...

Can you give us a scale and if it is growing in shade or sun?

Donetta said...

I am thinking that we are looking at a Cotton Rose, Confederate Rose, Rose cotton
Also known as a Rose of Sharon
flowering in Autumn climatic zone 9,10
mutabilis, meaning "to change" indicates the change in flower color from white when they emerge to deep red as they age. leaves wider than they are long about 7 inches. It needs protection from wind and frost and enjoys full sun and a well drained soil.
do a google on it and see if i'm right

Erica said...

Not a clue, but they sure are beautiful!

Charity Grace said...

The google images for Confederate Rose don't look exactly like this flower, although I suppose there could be different varieties. Each flower bunch is about 2-3" and looks like a tiny rose bouquet. The leaves are very large, about 12" when mature.

jtcosby said...

The leaves look like a hydrangea (spelling???) but the flowers not so much? Not sure...but very nice!