Saturday, July 14, 2007

Simple Craft: Cupcake Cards

I was so inspired by the cute cupcake art in this post at Sis Boom Daydreams. (Apparently it was designed by Susan of When I Was Your Age, but I don't see anything like it on her web site...So maybe it was a custom design, or a prototype? Don't know.) Anyway, I borrowed her idea and Elizabeth and I made cupcake cards with our new scrapbook paper from our brand spankin' new Hobby Lobby.

Elizabeth cracked me up, because she had very definite ideas about her card. Never mind that the colors don't match, she had to have some blue. The flag had to be pennant shaped. And that cherry simply could not go without a glitter stem. She wrote a note and gave her card to our pastor's wife today. She couldn't wait to use the pretty card she made. It makes me happy to see her enjoying creativity (especially when it's something we can do together), and then sharing her creations with others.

Last night while Billy and I watched a movie I tried a monochromatic look. They are fine, but I think I like the color contrast in the original art, and my first card, better. I didn't realize till I was looking at the pictures that the polka dot paper made it into every one of these cards. Do you think I like that paper?

Sorry these are so dark...It's raining today.


Hannah's Mom said...

Very Cute!!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

I love the cards!